About E.T. Balancing, Inc.

Our Equipment

Our main balancing facility is in the Los Angeles area and is housed in a modern block constructed building of approximately 15,000 square feet. The balancing machine repair and refurbishment facility is in an adjoining building of approximately the same size. A third building houses the long-term storage of special tooling and equipment including a very large Schenck hard bearing machine capable of balancing rotors weighing in excess of 200,000 pounds. This machine is used primarily in the field where it is not practical to transport the workpiece.

E. T. is one of the few job shops in the western United States to own such a machine. To our knowledge, there are fewer than ten of these machines in the United States. The main balancing building has a built-in bridge style overhead crane capable of handling five tons as well as two 10,000 pound forklifts. This building housed thirty-two balancing machines, including the latest Schenck hard bearing machines, having the capability of balancing rotors from fractional ounces to 10,000 pounds.

Nearly all of the specialized equipment balanced in this shop requires custom designed and fabricated fixtures to interface the equipment to the appropriate machine. As a result of this requirement, a prototype machine shop is also found in the main building.

The machine shop facility includes seven fully tooled Bridgeport type milling machines, all of which are fitted with DRO equipment. Two Kitamura Mycenter CNC three-axis mills, a 17 by 40 inch 7.5 horsepower engine lathe and a 12 by 36-inch surface grinder are present in the machine shop. Finally, TIG, MIG, and plasma torch equipment and a large number of grinders, drill presses, and hand tools are also in the machine shop area.

Our Personnel

Mr. Michael Park, president of E. T. Balancing has over 50 years of experience in the dynamic balancing field and has been with E. T. Balancing for thirty years. Mr. James Napora is the corporate secretary and treasurer and functionally is the manager of technical service. Mr. Napora came to E. T. in 1976 after spending seven years at Normac, a major manufacturer of balancing equipment, followed by five years at Reliance Motor. Both Mr. Park and Mr. Napora have successfully completed numerous service classes and seminars presented by many of the balancing equipment manufacturers. Both gentlemen have received certificates of competency from Gisholt, Schenck, IRD and Spectral Dynamics.

Mr. Cardwell, a graduate engineer from California State Polytechnic College, has over 50 years of experience in the electrical and mechanical engineering field. As an assistant laboratory manager of the power and propulsion laboratory, Mr. Cardwell was awarded a L. A. Hyland Award for his outstanding patent contributions to Hughes Aircraft in 1978. Mr. Cardwell has been an independent consultant since 1980. His association with E. T. Balancing started nearly 40 years ago, and since that time he has been available as required to help solve technical engineering problems that might be beyond the scope normally encountered at a balancing shop.