Spin Testing - Higher Safety

For over 50 years E. T. Balancing, Inc. has been continuously involved and active in the business of dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, and balancing machine sales and service both in the field and in the shop. As a result of individual surveys of all of the major aerospace manufacturers worldwide, E. T. Balancing, Inc. is on the approved vendors list.

Furthermore, E. T. Balancing, Inc. is in alignment with AS 9003 standards and has been FAA certified to work on all types of aircraft equipment for the past 26 years. Our expertise and our over 50 years of experience have made E. T. Balancing, Inc. highly respected in the field of equipment and machinery balancing.

Spin Testing – Higher Safety

When you are dealing with rotors exposed to high centrifugal forces during operation, you have to be sure that they will not burst. This is normally done by performing strength tests at a speed above operating speed, or burst tests, or by recording speed versus time curves. These tests are performed on a spin-test rig and will ensure the safety you need in the operation of your rotors.

Services offered by E.T. Balancing, Inc. include spin testing of your test specimens within the framework of product development or as part of quality control. Our spin testing stands will be at your service to perform tests for which you do not have the correct equipment. They are ideally suited to research and development, and to small pilot batches or spot checks within the framework of quality assurance.

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General Capabilities Spin Testing

Test Applications Disc-Shaped Rotors

Test Method Operating Speeds
Burst Test

Spin-Testing Speed 150,000 RPM - Maximum

Achievable Vacuum (Residual Pressure mbar) <10

Test Specimen Maximum Work Envelope 18” in Diameter x 18” in Width

Test Specimen Maximum Weight 150 Lbs.

Field Service On-site testing available to locations worldwide

Production Volume Prototype
Low Volume
High Volume
Blanket Orders

Lead Times Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Emergency Services Available
Rush Services Available

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