Balancing of One-Off Rotors

If you have to balance just one, two or a small batch of rotors, but don’t have the right machine to do the job, we are the right place to come to – even with the most unusual rotor. We have the right equipment for you, regardless of whether you are dealing with the rotor of a miniature motor, weighing only a few grams, or a flexible cylinder with a weight of several thousand kilograms, and even for heavier and larger components.

Our in-house balancing service can handle parts weighing up to 5 tons and has the right machine for almost any job. We have large transportable machines for heavier rotor weights. Our expertise and experience are second to none and we will be happy to share it with you. Standard rotors, prototypes and even “problematic rotors” we will take care of all of them.

To learn more about our one-off balancing services, request a quote today.

Technical Specifications:

Balancing of Cylindrical Rotors (Horizontal Machines) Diameter, Max - 120 Inches
Length, Max. - 35 Feet
Weight, Max. - 10,000 Pounds

Balancing of Disc-Shaped Rotors (Vertical Machines) Diameter, Max - 82 Inches
Length, Max. - 24 Inches
Weight, Max. - 1100 Pounds