Calibration Service for Master Rotors and Test Rotors

In balancing, master and test rotors are used as a measurement standard for adjustment of balancing machines. They serve to determine the mutual influence between correction planes to calibrate the unbalance display or to perform standardized tests as per AS-9003 and SAE-ARP 4048 & 4050.

These rotors, along with trial and bias weights required, constitute testing equipment as defined in MIL-STD 45662 and have an immediate influence on the quality of the product being balanced. They, therefore, need to be carefully adapted to each other, handled with utmost care and verified at regular intervals even if no obvious damage can be seen.

Our recommendation: Have your testing equipment re-calibrated at least once per year. This will avoid measurement discrepancies and faulty machine settings.

  • Our balancing laboratory is equipped with certified machines and our licensed specialists use accurate procedures.
  • Calibration results are documented by a Certificate of Conformance traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies through a Standards Laboratory Report as evidence within our quality management system.
  • Benefit from our expertise in the calibration of master and test rotors and test weights and similar measurement and test equipment.

We will be pleased to help you quickly, reliably and competently. To learn more about our calibration services, request a quote from us today.