Oil & Gas

E.T. Balancing has a range of industry experience, spanning across HVAC, aerospace, power generation, and oil and gas. Working within the oil and gas industry lends a specific set of requirements, from specialized equipment, trained technicians, and certifications. One of E.T. Balancing’s oil and gas industry customers needed balancing services and spin testing work on their turbo expanders.

Some of the standard challenges E.T. Balancing was able to assist with during the project were:

  • Certification – the work performed was certified to conformance and traceable to NIST standards.
  • Turnaround time – the customer required a faster turnaround time in this case that E.T. Balancing was able to deliver.
  • Precise balancing work – the turbo expanders were a piece of high speed rotating machinery that required balancing to a high degree of precision, which E.T. Balancing was able to accomplish.

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