Power Generation

With a team of highly experienced technicians, E.T. Balancing is able to service the most critical power generation projects. One of E.T. Balancings’ power generation customers is a global company in the microturbine generators business. Oftentimes, these customers send parts via aircraft to E.T. Balancings’ site for work to be performed. Another option offered is field services in which our technicians will travel anywhere and perform work at your site. 

Initially, this global customer came to E.T. Balancing because they needed unique balancing capabilities for their overhung rotors. In this application, balancing services were performed on their turbine generators, with specialized tooling to support the rotors. API Specifications and traceability to NIST were needed in this project. The team of technicians at E.T. Balancing were able to conform to these standards per customer request.

Additional applications for power generation projects include:

  • Pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Air handling equipment
  • Turbine generators

To learn more about our work and specialized capabilities for the power generation industry, contact us today.